It is cold outside here in the Midwest, and most everywhere else it seems.  That makes it a great time to stay home and cook up some wonderful soups and stews on your cooktop stove.   Our family favorite is beefy vegetable.  Invariably when I am browning the hamburger I splatter at least a little grease on my cooktop.  And, of course, as I am stirring and tasting the soup a few drops always end up spilling onto my stovetop.  I always use Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaner to clean up all the spills and spatters to keep my cooktop stove spotless.  If you have any extra-tough spills or burnt-on food, the Cerama Bryte Scraper is your go-to tool.  Check out our “How-To Videos” on our home page at for instructions on how to clean your stove and how to safely use the Cerama Bryte Scraper on your cooktop.   Stay warm, and remember spring isn’t too far away!