Our History

Undeterred by Dirt.
Consumed with Clean.

Founded in 1992, we began our journey by focusing on how to safely and effectively clean the newest appliance: the glass-ceramic cooktop. Quickly, Cerama Bryte became the #1 sampled and recommended stovetop cleaner by leading stovetop manufacturers in the world, including GE Appliance, Maytag, Amana, LG, and Viking.

We then set our eyes on stainless steel appliances. In partnership with various appliance manufacturing companies, we created a line of stainless steel appliance cleaners that have been sampled by the likes of GE Appliance and Dacor. We took care of those pesky disposals and drain odors too. With a unique bacteria and enzyme formula, Cerama Bryte Disposal & Drain Cleaner eliminates odors completely rather than just covering them up.

At Cerama Bryte,

we think cleaning shouldn’t be complicated. We’re passionate about making the best cleaning products for all kinds of surfaces and cleaning.

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